Angry Birds


I recently heard from a woman that she used to feed birds when she was going through a tough time, and Allah fulfilled her desires through her kindness to birds. As I reflected more on on her story and the above corresponding saying of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him), I couldn’t help but wonder, how honorable it is to be part of this Tawaqqul (Reliance on Allah) journey of these birds?

Food is one of the, if not the ultimate, primitive needs of creations. Any creature is biologically created to need and want food, this is no news. But for birds, their whole lives rely on absolute Tawaqqul on Allah to provide them with food. Allah does not need you and me to feed those birds, that is not our responsibility, its His. But if we could voluntarily contribute to this “Tawaqqul-ful” journey of the birds by everyday feeding them some left overs from our kitchen, we might just have included ourselves among those who made their journey of Tawaqqul a bit easier. If everyday, we can set up a time when we will have their foods ready, we just made their “uncertain” life a tad bit “certain”. They know they can count on us to have their food ready on time. May be some angry bird will return home happily because its day went easy, especially on the days when the weather is harsh. Unlike us, they do not have the luxury to take a day off or snuggle up under the duvet till late on a Sunday morning.

In our lives when we are surmounted by predicaments of nothing but uncertainty, resorting to nothing but Tawaqqul to Allah, I cant help wonder that may be by feeding these birds, easing their journey of Tawaqqul a little bit, we might end up getting some ease and relief from Allah as well. After all its not easy to be in a journey of absolute Tawaqqul, and most definitely its nothing but an honor in my book if we can ease someone’s journey a little bit, even if that is s a bird. Perhaps that is why we still marvel at the story of how a prostitute was granted paradise just because she quenched a dog’s thirst. From a difficult worldly life, she was granted the best afterlife with absolute ease simply because she contributed to the “Tawaqqul-ful” journey of another creation.

Sounds a pretty good investment to me! Just a food for thought.

As usual, take any good you get and leave the rest to dust.

Also please remember me in your prayers that Allah fulfills all my requests. May He grant you the same and much more.


New Muslim Reflections: One Day

Moving on from a tragedy does not necessarily have to involve shrugging off your emotions and desensitize yourself. Emotions are what makes us human. If something traumatising has happened to you and you can’t forget it, its okay. People will tell you to stop. May be because they love you and do not want to be in a state where they can not do anything to ease your pain. But don’t worry about it. They will be alright. Focus on yourself.Take a retreat if you need. Embrace the loss,live in the memories,feel the pain. Grief in its greyish hues is beautiful too.Take all the time you need to understand yourself. Your potential. You will be surprised to see how much pain you can take. How unbelievably strong Allah made you.

Then slowly you will get accustomed to the pain. The ache will  eventually eat away lesser and lesser portion of you. Over time it will hurt less and less. Then one day you will feel joy again. You will stand in front of the mirror and gaze at the person you have grown to be. Stand in front of Allah in prayer in the middle of the night-but this time is out of overflowing gratitude and awe; as you present yourself in front of Him. As you recollect how He changed the course of events for you, took you to the world of relief and joy that you never knew existed. Gave you everything of which you had written yourself off.

Allah will teach you to love again,to experience joy again,to laugh again. One Day.