Day 3:Ramadan DUAries (Dua+Stories=DUAries)

Something very strange happened. I follow an app where people can post the duas they need and others can hit the pray button to say ameen to their prayers. For the past few days this brother has been constantly posting a desperate plea to be with his wife, and another sister has been posting the same, to be with her husband. For some reason both their duas hit a cord with me I found myself praying for them many times. Last night before sleeping as I was making dua I just had a thought what are tha chances they both are married? Then I ditched the idea because they both are from different parts of the world and it didnt seem like a good idea to speculate something like that.Just a while ago I was revising that app again and I saw that sister copied and pasted the brother’s dua, just changed to “husband” from “wife”. Otherwise the details of their situation and everything else is just the same.

SubhanAllah I dont know what Allah’s underlying message here is but I really thought it was sweet how their love transmits to others even in this dark time of their lives.
So then may be it happens to us too? When we are in the darkest moments of our lives, may be even through that darkness Al Jameel, The Beautiful One orchestrates a beautiful serendipity like this for us in the hearts of someone? May be our pain resonates with someone ans our story spreads like this, much to our own oblivion? We all must have had so many of such moments- the stranger across the cafe, the cleaner down the road, the pedestrian across the street, we dont know whose heart Allah decides to resonate through our hardship. Even in distress somewhere, somehow, a beautiful serendipity might happen. 

No wonder Allah begins the Quran by describing the people of taqwa (people who are mindful of Allah) as those who believe in the unseen.

Sure this story is not enough of a gratitude consolation when reality is bent on ripping you apart left and right, and that is not what it is intended for. I am absolutely against the idea of guilt tripping people into gratitude- with things like “be grateful for eyes” etc. While there is nothing wrong with that in fact its actually a hadith, we also need to remember that some peopl struggle with gratitude. Its sometimes difficult to come despite attempts. No one likes to feel ungrateful but sometimes we confuse gratitude with contentment. Nothing numbs some pain but may be once the pain is over we can look back and ponder on some good things that could have come out of that.

Day II: Ramadan DUAries (Dua+ Stories= Duaries)

So I ordered this charger for my phone on Amazon. I wasnt sure if its worth the money even though the reviews were phenomenal so just to calm myself down I made the istikhara dua once before i confirmed the payment. The shipment arrived and it was exactly what they advertised. As I tried plugging into my phone it turned that the advertisement was incorrect and its really not compatible with my version of the phone. I remember I made that istighfar dua really sincerely from my heart, so it just didnt add up or make sense to me. The charger is supposed to work as per my dua, so I was confused.
I wrote to the seller and explained the situation. They were extremely nice and apologized. I wrote a pretty bitter review because I was upset and they offered me full refund and no return. I calmed down, that atleast I didnt lose money. So Alhamdulillah for that. But that meant I had to reorder another headphone and the none of the other sellers had reliable delivery. So bottom line I needed a headphone which is compatible with my phone and no good seller was available.

Remind you that they let me keep the “incompatible” headphone with full refund. So being technologically chanllenged, it took me a while to realise I could use an adapter. So my friend told me about a place where I can get it because adapters in amazon had poor review. When I ordered the adapter from the place I was recommended, guess what? I paid HALF the price as i paid for the charger.

Charger costed $20 which they returned. So I basically paid nothing

Adapter costed $10.

For $10 bucks I got BOTH ADAPTER AND HEADPHONE,whereas I was expecting that it would cost me so much more.

So yeah, the istikhara did add up and work out alhamdulillah.

And yes, I deleted the review from Amazon lol.

Ramadan Diary: I

An hour before Maghrib, my friend who has been battling with severe faith issues texts me she suddenly feels an excitement inside. Even yesterday she was about to give up. When Maghrib adhan rings, another friend said she suddenly felt a weight being lifted off of her chest. This morning she was gloomy with no motivation.

When I was making wudu for Maghrib, I suddenly felt a strength inside me that this Ramadan I am not alone left to fight my battle. I have few more friends on similar journey, holding onto this month of mercy like our lives depend upon it.

(We all by the way are that bunch who are not too motivated to do Ramadan, past experiences gone bad kind of. Its hard to rise up and hope again.)

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone! May this be the life changing Ramadan we all desperately are seeking.May all your wishes be granted this month.

Lets start. Bismillah.

Lazy Folk’s Ramadan (2)

Have you made a list of what you will ask for in the last 10 nights of Ramadan? Allah will write your destiny and you actually have a say in what will be written, afterall nothing can change destiny except dua. So if you havent made a list you dont want wait till Ramadan to make it, when you are juggling between so many things and conserving your energy.

But thats not only why I am writing this post.

Are you planning on making dua for others too in the last ten nights? Don’t be selfish take some time out for others too. Here is why:
1) Your dua in their absence is guaranteed to be accepted 

2) The angels will make the same dua for you as you will make for someone else. Whose dua do you think has better chances of being accepted? So if you want something for yourself, ask that thing for someone else. Let the angels ask for you

3) If you help someone Allah will help you so just imagine through your dua you can help someone

Tip: Please make sure your dua for the person is heartfelt. Make dua as if you are making for youself. Allah is watching your sincerity. The most honorable thing to Allah is dua so dont be like the people who just make dua for someone for the sake of it. Take some time and concentration,care and use nice words. 

Allah is Al Jameel The Beautiful One. He is Beautiful and loves beauty so use beautiful words to decorate your duas. Use a dictionary if you need. You would use it if you were applying for a job, wouldnt you? Then why not now?

Lazy Folk’s Ramadan

If you could pick ONE deed you will do regularly this Ramadan (instead of overwhelming yourself with a plate full and then giving up midway), what would that be?
Mine is DUA. Because the prophet (peace be upon him) said dua is the essence of worship. So no matter what you do, if the underlying intention is not tied to acceptance of dua, its basically losing the prime factor. So if faced with a choice, pick dua. After all your duas especially the last ten nights will determine the chain of events in the next one year. So if possible, make a list so you dont forget.

Dont forget, the most honorable thing to Allah is dua. He loves that you ask and gets upset if you dont. So dua away like nobody’s business.

And believe that He will give like nobody’s business. Because it really isnt. He promises to give whoever He wills without limits.

The Struggle For Gratitude

Being grateful does NOT mean being content. If we were to remain content with everything there would be no point of making dua and asking for things. Allah wouldnt have commanded us to make dua during times of ease if we were to remain content with what we have. Being grateful just means to acknowledge what Allah has already given us, reflect on them and praise and thank Him for them. It does not mean we settle. In fact Allah commands us to pursue a life of excellence and ask for His bounty. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Rum that seeking His bounty is actually one of His signs. So yes, sometimes you will feel grateful but also simultaneously you will feel what you have is not enough, it just doesnt cut it. Thats okay, Allah said to be grateful for things He has already given you, and thats it. Human beings taught you to settle, not Allah. So dont confuse it.

Also, if dont guilt trip yourself to feel grateful. Its good to look at people who are less privileged than you and reflect on your blessings, but its a whole different story altogether to just not ask for anymore because “you already have so much” or do just feel guilty that you are so blessed. 

One last thing, dont fight yourself to feel the gratitude rush all the time. When Prophet Yaqoob lost his youngest son, Allah didnt tell him to be grateful for the other ten. Allah allowed him to whine and complain like nobody’s business, and even recorded it for you and I to take inspiration from. 

Serendipity:From Snow To Spring of Showers

I started my Serendipity Series towards the end of Winter- in the last remaining days of  snow. Winter is beautiful- or may be this winter I actually was blessed with the ability to actually feel that beauty. This winter came with promises for a life I never knew existed- much to my own surprise, for the better. I learnt to smile this winter, I learnt to be grateful, but most importantly, I learnt one or two things about believing.

Believing- yes. This winter taught me what it means to ” Be Living”, beyond just a set of breathes and days culminating into an abyss of despair. It gave me a purpose, a reason to get up and marvel at the beauty of His Divine Creations. With every flake of snow falling soundlessly, I felt myself slowly changing,evolving and rising. Rising to be the person I never was. This winter taught me strength,and as I spent the long nights marvelling at the magnificent beauty of the moon and the snow, I learnt that the morning was near. The daybreak was nearer than I thought.

As the winter prepared to bid adieus for this season, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of poignancy creep in. To me, this winter was the best thing that happened after what seemed like an eternity. I was scared that perhaps spring will be harsh, despite its lushy green foliages. But winter was loving enough to quelch my fears. As it parted, it left behind for me a gift which forever changed the life I was living. It left behind for me a season full of promises, joy, unprecented amount of gratitude, and faith. 

Yes, winter left behind for me a Spring of Serendipities. Because more often that not, Serendipities Do Happen.

I started my serendipity series when it used to snow. As I continue with my journey and hence this series, its not snowing anymore now.

Its showering. Winter made sure to leave behind a spring of showers for me.

Thank you God.