Day 6: Ramadan DUAries(Dua+Stories)- Physics, Newton And Dua

Two nights ago someone requested me to make dua for her, that she comes closer to Allah through His book this Ramadan. So for the past two days, I have been making this dua for her. 

Now we all know the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that when you make dua for your brother or sister in their absence, the angel of Allah apppinted for you says “Ameen, and may the same be to you”. Goes without saying, duas of angels always hold high stations to Allah because of their purity.

Tonight, in my taraweeh, I found myself reciting a new surah and connecting with it in a very deep, surreal level. As I kept reciting the verses, I could see them play in front of me, in an unchained melody so familiar yet so new, the events of my life being the keys to the notes. It was not planned, but a sudden inspiration to recite those ayahs.

As I sit on my prayer mat basking in the fuzzy lights  peeking in through the window, I wonder if its one of the angels’ duas which manifested and I came closer to Allah tonight a little more, through His book, exactly how I made dua for someone else.

Because most definitely, my Lord did NOT create this without purpose. Yes IT! This wonderful gift of giving me the very thing which I asked for someone else.

Newton was right- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You understand it if you can accept that DUA is the biggest action you can take.