Then Serendipity Happens

Allah does not limit gratitude in this verse. In His infallible wisdom He does not say if you are grateful for something He will increase you only in that and not others.

Alhamdulillah I have seen this manifest in my life lately. In my gratitude journal I express my gratitude to Allah for things which don’t even really play a role in my everyday life. But I still have been noting them down as part of my healing. What is remarkable is that out of nowhere Allah tied those blessings to my dreams and aspirations, to my goals and where I want to be.

What I am trying to say is, if you want A and B, and X is absolutely unrelated to them, still be grateful for X. If you are sincere and persistant in gratitude even when you don’t feel like, Allah might tie X with A and B, making it a means to achieve those two.

In His immense wisdom Allah knows that when we go through catastrophic situations its sometimes difficult to find goodness in that. More oftwn that not, we are unable to be grateful because our lower self becomes stubborn. That is why Allah, The Most Wise, has opened up other gates. If we can be grateful for other things He can always tie them to our particular situation.How? That is His department 🙂

He truely appreciates your effort in being grateful, albeit you might struggle to do so.He is Al Shakur. So do not underestimate the power of gratitude even for the mundane things.

Then Serendipity Happens.


White-Blue Hues

Look at the sky tonight. Stand at your window and take in its vastness. There are no cracks or gaps in the sky. No sign of discontinuity. No randomness. Its perfectly crafted,painted with one continuous stroke, alternating between the most magical hues of white and blue.

White- Blue Hues

Life is like that too, a perfect craft of Allah. Nothing happens in life that is random.There is never a point where there is a crack.Its one continuous Divine plan, unique for every individual. Just like the white-blue hues, our lives also alternate between love and loss, joy and heartache, success and failure, faith and struggle.

No wonder Allah tells us to reflect upon His Creations.

One Year Ago, I Made A Choice

Exactly one year ago, I made a choice.

I chose faith, I chose hope, and by leaving the retreating hand I want to grip so much, I chose to hold the One that was extended out to me. The never fail, never go wrong, the Most Trustworthy Handhold as He Himself testifies to – The Invisible Hand of God.

In the days and months that followed I was introduced to the atrocities and viciousness of life, the cruelty of pain, the constant butchering of my heart and eventual demise of every living atom of my body. So much for clinging onto my faith against every odds, hoping that the sun will rise soon.

Instead it set deeper, further abyss into the dark. And with it, it took away the last bit of faith and hope that I had. Or at least I thought I did. With it left every last atom my emotional existence. It left behind a heart void of any human emotions or feelings. Somedays it would hurt so bad that it felt like my heart was being ripped into shreds, and grounded into pulp of flesh by a pack of merciless, preying wolves hungry for a feast. Slowly, in the camouflage of protecting whatever last bit remained of my tender, bruised heart, I resorted to teaching myself to expect the worse. Against every possibility of a good, to expect ten worse outcomes. At least that would save the pain of disappointment.

And thus began my journey of despair. It was cold, vicious, cruel and ruthless. But it was also safe.  Despair is like a cancer. It spreads to every fiber of your being before it  takes over matters of your mind, soul and eventually, the body. It dictates your inner self and feasts off your self-destructive and self-critical thoughts. Its brutality makes it akin to the devil himself. It talks to you pretending to be God, only if I knew better.

Having stumbled into some signs from My Almighty Lord I slowly have started to recover after what seems like eternity. I have started to heal and to take baby steps towards slowly rising again – rising in hope, in love, and perhaps little bit in faith. Daring myself to expect, and expect grand. Expect like nobody’s business.

It sometimes comes easily – good expectations. Certainty that He is sending my sunrise soon. But more often that not, it doesn’t. The level of unwavering faith and certainty doesn’t always come to the point that governs my actions, as opposed to the certainty in negative expectations and hence their dictating of my actions. So I make the choice, continuously and relentlessly, as if my life depends on it. In fact in the ultimate sense of the word, it does. I choose to expect, albeit I fail to do so. I choose to do hope, despite my inability to so. Yes,  I choose to, not because I have to, but because I want to. Because I choose to want to.

Because one year ago, I made a choice.

And I still make it every single day.

Dua Is Action

Scholars of dua always emphasize on taking actions when making dua and placing trust in Allah. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also advised us that we should do our part to the best of our ability and trust Allah for the best outcome. This is the law of life. We must work hard to excel in tests, jobs etc and place our trust in Allah that He will reward us with success for our efforts. The Quran also testifies for this- we have examples of Prophets who did their part and made dua to Allah, and Allah gave them miracles after miracles.
Not all prophets though. And similarly, not for all of us, not always. Prophet Yunus AS was swallowed by a whale, and the whale settled itself at the bottom of the ocean, on a dark, stormy night. Darkness of the night, the bottom of the sea and the stomach of the whale. What action could he possibly take? Could he scream for help? Knock the walls of the whale’s stomach to let him out? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Literally, in the ultimate sense of the word, there was NOTHING TO DO.

Every single of one us go through events in life where our hands are tied. There is practically nothing we can do, within the realm of our individual as well as human capacities. We are often stuck in the dark chambers of hardships, surrounded by walls of impossibilities and road blocks. There is no one to go to, and no one who is able to help. Sometimes the ordeal is such that even if the whole world were to gather together to help, it would still remain a futile effort. We are left absolutely alone and unheardIn his immense wisdom, Allah made sure to include the example of Prophet Yunus (AS) in the Quran, because He knows that we will need this counsel. Those of us who find themselves in such a situation, firstly understand that it is a sunnah of this great Prophet Allah has honored us with. Therefore it is only befitting that we follow example and learn from him.

So what did Prophet Yunus do? He made dua. His dua became his action. He kept on pleading to Allah to let him out and soon enough, Allah did.

Faith is in the heart. Sincerity is in the heart. Yaqeen is in the heart. These are unseen, unheard matters of the heart, of the soul. But not dua. Dua is action. It is very much an action that manifests from deep faith in Allah. When you are really serious about something, you will take out time from your daily life to make dua about it. You will spend hours every day to talk to Allah about your problems. You will wake up in the middle of the night only to make dua. You will do more good deeds to have your dua answered. You will do more istighfar to have your ways opened up by Allah’s mercy. You will help others so Allah helps you. If none of these are actions, then what is?

So never let anyone make you feel that making dua is not action. In fact, making dua is the most important action.


Personal God


Who are you worshiping? Who are you praying to? Who are you making dua to? Are you praying to Allah because He is the deity  you are supposed to worship, or you actually feel and have experienced Him to be your Lord? Do you feel personally for Allah? Do you feel He personally loves you, takes care of you? Are you able to feel that He has personally written your story with utmost care and precision? That He has taken your responsibility upon Himself, for no one reason but that He loves YOU?

If you think of Allah from a general point of view, you will most likely perceive Him as the One who loves everyone, and HENCE loves you. But if you think of Him as someone more personal, more intimate,  you will feel that He loves YOU regardless, that He wants YOU, He chose YOU. He is watching over YOU, planning in YOUR favor. He is calming YOU down, soothing YOU,healing YOU, putting YOU to sleep.


When you can do so, then you will learn and understand Allah through your journey, as your personal Lord. Then you will know how close He is to you. You will be surprised to find His Invisible Hand guiding every matter for you. Doors will open from left and right and above and below. You will be left at awe and mesmerized at how He orchestrates things ONLY FOR YOU.And finally you will understand what it means when they say there is no one between you and Allah.

He will help you without any means, any medium or even any person. He will make you independent. Doors will open and you won’t need anybody to walk through those doors.

True we can not see Allah. But we certainly can and must feel Him, experience Him. Afterall how can we have a relationship if we have no feelings? So look inside of you, scrutinize your story, muse upon your journey, and marvel at the way things played out, courtesy to The Invisible Divine Hand.


Unseen, Faith and Destiny- People Of Taqwa

The Quran begins with Allah describing the people of Taqwa as

“Those who believe in the Unseen” (2:3).

Therefore our entrance into the faith calls for believing in the Unseen, even before prayers and other acts of worship.

Unseen not only refers to Allah, angels and the hereafter, unseen also refers to future, and what we commonly call as destiny. Believing that things will work out.Believing in unseen calls for relying on Him and expecting good from Him. Believing that even though we don’t yet see the fruits of our labor, it is there in the unseen. Perhaps not all at once, but may be inch by inch, slowly but surely, inshaAllah.

So what do people of Taqwa get?

“And whosoever has taqwa of Allah, He will make a way for him to get out. And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine.” (65:2-3)

When things don’t make sense, or you see roadblocks at every turn you make, remember you can see only the “seen” world. The world of unseen is huge.  Allah with His ability to perfectly orchestrate every atomic matter will fix everything. He already said He will do so in a manner we won’t be able to anticipate, so we have to stop worrying about how He will do it. That is what people of Taqwa do.