Day 11:Ramadan DUAries(DUA+Stories)-So Help Me God

She could sense this voice inside her heart telling her to have that really “pour your heart” out conversation with Allah. But she kept tossing it, not that she was not praying but she was scared to break down. But finally she did. She got up and tried having that convertation, basically asking Allah what to do. If there is anything she can do to get out of this situation, she would.

Minutes later she was in a conversation with a friend who randomly mentioned her a charity which is very cheap to donate to. In no time she had a feeling that this was Allah. Allah telling her what to do. So she went ahead and donated little bit of money, whatever she could. She made sincere dua to Allah to help her with that money. May be in half an hour, she got her relief. 

After doing the prostration of thankfulness, realising that besides the duas of her friends, this donation also helped her with her relief,she opened the browser again for some reason, only to find that the money did not go through. There was some problem so they couldnt charge her card. But Allah helped her out anyway. Allah didnt need the money He just needed her sincerity. He needed her to make that one little, desperate, earnest dua to specifically want what her heart was asking for, and she knew it hit the Divine Cord, by the will of Allah.

As I think of this story, I realise sometimes its not the action but the intention that is needed. Instead of running around with so many things to do, we can focus on one thing, take 1 minute to clearly explore the intention that is in our heart, not that one we are supposed to make. 

If you cant find anyone to make dua for you, make the same dua for someone who might be in the same trouble (its a world of 6bn so chances are someone has the similar problem as you), to have the angels make dua for you. Thats their automated job, so use to your advantage.


Day 9: Ramadan DUA+Stories=DUAries-What To Expect When You Are Expecting

I had to write this while the experience is still fresh. 

At exactly 2minutes prior to the time when Asr adhan (call for prayer) was going, my friend texted me to make dua for her. She is expecting alhamdulillah and was suffering from severe constipation for past three days. Its been keeping her up all night.

I saw the message two minutes later, aka when the adhan was playing. Right away I made a simple dua to Allah to send a remedy for her, because she said she had tried everything. Because Allah knows the solution and treatment to every problem, He can send it to her. ( For those of you who might not know, the prayer during adhan and also about someone in their absence is always accepted, by the will of Allah).

18minutes later, she texted me that after asking me to make dua for her, she felt the need to go to washroom. After three days she was able to get rid of her constipation, without any blood or pain. SubhanAllah.

I didnt ask Allah to take away the constipation. Because my “logic” said that my friend needs a remedy. I totally forgot that Allah can actually take away the entire problem without going through the process of cure or remedy or treatment.

Earlier today, I was evaluating myself. I was thinking if the duas I make are good enough, if they actually have the level of sincerity that is needed. Even though this friend of mine kept telling me that Allah listens to duas I make for her, for some reason my self doubt was far from believing it. 

Day 6: Ramadan DUAries(Dua+Stories)- Physics, Newton And Dua

Two nights ago someone requested me to make dua for her, that she comes closer to Allah through His book this Ramadan. So for the past two days, I have been making this dua for her. 

Now we all know the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that when you make dua for your brother or sister in their absence, the angel of Allah apppinted for you says “Ameen, and may the same be to you”. Goes without saying, duas of angels always hold high stations to Allah because of their purity.

Tonight, in my taraweeh, I found myself reciting a new surah and connecting with it in a very deep, surreal level. As I kept reciting the verses, I could see them play in front of me, in an unchained melody so familiar yet so new, the events of my life being the keys to the notes. It was not planned, but a sudden inspiration to recite those ayahs.

As I sit on my prayer mat basking in the fuzzy lights  peeking in through the window, I wonder if its one of the angels’ duas which manifested and I came closer to Allah tonight a little more, through His book, exactly how I made dua for someone else.

Because most definitely, my Lord did NOT create this without purpose. Yes IT! This wonderful gift of giving me the very thing which I asked for someone else.

Newton was right- for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You understand it if you can accept that DUA is the biggest action you can take.

Day 3:Ramadan DUAries (Dua+Stories=DUAries)

Something very strange happened. I follow an app where people can post the duas they need and others can hit the pray button to say ameen to their prayers. For the past few days this brother has been constantly posting a desperate plea to be with his wife, and another sister has been posting the same, to be with her husband. For some reason both their duas hit a cord with me I found myself praying for them many times. Last night before sleeping as I was making dua I just had a thought what are tha chances they both are married? Then I ditched the idea because they both are from different parts of the world and it didnt seem like a good idea to speculate something like that.Just a while ago I was revising that app again and I saw that sister copied and pasted the brother’s dua, just changed to “husband” from “wife”. Otherwise the details of their situation and everything else is just the same.

SubhanAllah I dont know what Allah’s underlying message here is but I really thought it was sweet how their love transmits to others even in this dark time of their lives.
So then may be it happens to us too? When we are in the darkest moments of our lives, may be even through that darkness Al Jameel, The Beautiful One orchestrates a beautiful serendipity like this for us in the hearts of someone? May be our pain resonates with someone ans our story spreads like this, much to our own oblivion? We all must have had so many of such moments- the stranger across the cafe, the cleaner down the road, the pedestrian across the street, we dont know whose heart Allah decides to resonate through our hardship. Even in distress somewhere, somehow, a beautiful serendipity might happen. 

No wonder Allah begins the Quran by describing the people of taqwa (people who are mindful of Allah) as those who believe in the unseen.

Sure this story is not enough of a gratitude consolation when reality is bent on ripping you apart left and right, and that is not what it is intended for. I am absolutely against the idea of guilt tripping people into gratitude- with things like “be grateful for eyes” etc. While there is nothing wrong with that in fact its actually a hadith, we also need to remember that some peopl struggle with gratitude. Its sometimes difficult to come despite attempts. No one likes to feel ungrateful but sometimes we confuse gratitude with contentment. Nothing numbs some pain but may be once the pain is over we can look back and ponder on some good things that could have come out of that.