Day 15: Ramadan DUAries (DUA+Stories)-No Strings Attached

Disclaimer: The title does NOT refer to the literal meaning of having no strings attached. I have attempted to use it in a different context.

About 10mins ago I was making dua after Asr prayer for someone- she wants to come close to Allah and His book, and wants to know Allah better by His names. Again, it wasnt one of those bawling or crying my eyes out dua- but yes I knew what I was asking for her and the importance of that. 

Just as I finished my prayer, she texted me. Goes without saying, I told her that I was just making dua for her about 10mins back. Her reply? “About 10 mins ago I was reading the Quran, and came across this verse that really touched my heart”.

SubhanAllah, Glory is to The Lord of the Skies and the Earth. When I was making dua for her, I wasnt even thinking about her- in the sense what is she doing now, is she eating, basically at that moment she only existed in my “dua world” to Allah. At the same time, she was reading the Book of Allah, listening to what He has to say, not remembering (that exact moment) that she asked someone to make dua for her Quran journey. We both were vested in our own relationship with Allah that moment, and Allah was busy using one of us to benefit the other. 

I dont know if I could explain the chorewheel as simply as I hoped I would. Because its not simple. I sometimes really cant fathom the multitude of strings Allah pulls to make an event, as mundane as this to happen. Somehow He connects people He wants to connect, without attaching any visible strings. You know there is a string but you cant put your fingers on it. And that baffles me, because countless of such things happen to us everyday, and we let go of them without contemplating about the scenes in the background. 

Changing Names After Coming To Islam

The companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did not change their names when they accepted Islam.Eventually their names became “Islamic”-for eg Umar, Abu Suffiyan etc. Their names were just Arabic, not Islamic per se.

Our names are not testimonies to our faith, nor do they make us any less Muslims. Names are our identities, no one should have to be ripped off off their identities.

Support Corner:You Are Not Noone, You Are Someone

But you are not no one. You are someone.

To the world you might be another voice, another of the eight billion lives. To the street you might be another passerby. To the tree you might be another lonely traveller taking in its shade. To the sky you might be another lonely soul staring at. To the vicinity you might be another…another noone.

But you are someone.To the mat on which you pray, you are someone. To the ground which quietly absorbs your tears when you are in sujood, you are someone. To the pillow which gently muffles your incessant hiccups and stiffles your sobs every night, you are  someone. Above the skies, up in the heavens, in the gathering of the angels, you are someone.To the angels you are someone.

And to your Lord, you are someone.

Everytime you call upon Him when feel like you cant take it anymore, when the pain becomes too much and you beg Him for relief, you are not noone, you are someone. Every morning when He gently helps you get through one more day, to push through one more time, you are not noone. Everytime you call Allah you are not noone. You are someone. To the One who owns everything in the heavens and the earth, Who controls every matter, and yet loves you more than anyone ever can,you are not noone. You are someone.

You are someone. Above the heavens you are someone. And in the earth too.