The Express Shipping News: Al Muqaddim (The Expeditor)

When we try so hard to have our prayers answered, wake up in the middle of the night, fast for days, spend hours in prostration to Allah, watch out for rain, perform charities- we often think of “what else” to do.

Helping out someone in need is a great way to have your doors opens, those doors you have been incessantly knocking for so long. Anything, infinitesimally small, as mundane as helping a heavily pregnant woman lift up a jar of water to doing the dishes at home when its not your turn, setting up the plate for your parents with food or simply take out the slippers for them from the closet when they are heading out, all are pleasing to Allah. You never know who is going to make a secret dua for you behind your back, or whose relief would be so pleasing to Allah that He will express deliver your duas to you. Especially lifting off a hardship for someone- helping an elderly cross the road or give up your seats for them, allow someone in need to stand in the queue in front of you even though its your turn- sincere, genuine kindness is always pleasing to Allah. Afterall that is His attribute, for He is Al Rauf (The Kind One).

When we say Allah is Al Muqaddim (The Expediter), it does NOT mean Allah can open your doors or answer your prayers quickly, for we already know that when we call him by the name Al Qadeer (The All Able). Al Muqaddim means Allah DOES expedite.He does ship your requests with express delivery.

Let me say it again- Allah not only CAN expedite, in fact, He DOES expedite. Al Muqaddim is the One who DOES expedite your prayers, because He can, because He is Al Qadeer. Its one thing for someone to be able to do something, but its another thing for them to actually do it. That is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) once prayed for the rain, and said “quickly, and not delayed”. (Ref Dua: Weapon of a believer by Sh Yasir Qadhi)


Expedited Shipping :Quickly, Not Delayed


Allah is Al-Muqaddim (The Expeditor).


He speeds up matters and accelerates their pace. So not everything has to be delayed. Allah not only can, but in fact, does speed up matters that are usually delayed otherwise. Remember the time when you got something so “surprisingly” quickly and easily even though “usually” it takes so long? Perhaps a visa, a job, marriage or something else?

Yup. The “Surprising” part is what Al Muqaddim is there for.

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) once prayed for rain, and said”…quickly,and not delayed…”(Ibn Majah)

So you can ask Allah to answer your prayer quickly,contrary to the popular misconception that arises from another hadith that says your dua will be answered as long as you are not hasty (that is, if you are hasty it will not be answered).This happens if one makes dua and seeing it unanswered,s/he stops asking.

The prohibition is from the hastiness that causes one to leave dua altogether getting disappointed. Otherwise, it is actually a sunnah to ask for a quick response from Allah.

Reference:  (pg 63)