Allah Has Honored You. And Every Human Being

Unquestionably, We have honored all children of Adam (17:70).

As Muslims we believe that mankind was created from Adam and Hawa (Eve), may peace be upon them. Adam AS was the first creation of Allah, and then his wife Hawa. So they are parents of the entire mankind, and that makes every human being, despite culture and faith,  brothers in humanity.In the verse above, Allah says He has honored all children of Adam, and there is absolutely no question about it. Therefore we can not take away the dignity and honor Allah has given to another fellow human being. Of course, the honors vary in ranks. Even among Muslims, the one who struggles hard for Allah has more honor in His sight. But the point remains that we don’t trash talk or dismiss other people simply because of their values.

You might have families and loved ones who have not entered Islam yet. But that does not mean that Allah has written them off. They are also part of this verse. . Even the most beloved uncle of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), named Abu Talib,who was his only guardian on this earth, was not a muslim. Yet Abu Talib helped the Prophet (peace be upon him) spread the message of Islam. The Prophet (peace be upon him) loved his uncle and grieved immensely when his uncle passed away. His uncle was not a muslim yet Allah did honor him by including him in the life of His favorite messenger(peace be upon him).

This verse also means that we need to honor ourselves, give ourselves the respect we deserve. If you are trying hard but you keep slipping, please, don’t criticize and demoralize yourself. Appreciate yourself for the efforts, don’t condemn for the results. Accept that a mistake had been made. A bad deed does not make you a bad person. Allah created us as humans so we do not get to walk on this earth as angels. That is why He gave us a higher honor than angels, because unlike angels we are prone to make mistakes and slide off. But what makes us believers is that we do not give up, neither on ourselves nor on Allah’s  incessant forgiveness.

…mankind was created weak (Quran 4:28)

We continue to ask Allah for forgiveness and keep on trying, albeit we slip. Allah has promised us that as long as we keep returning to Him He will continue to forgive us. For this reason He has even named Himself Al Gaffar-The One who forgives continuously, even when we do not ask. He knows we will make mistakes and fall short of our obedience to Him, time and again. So this name is befitting in that we turn to Allah for forgiveness repeatedly.

In the end, all honor belongs to Allah only, because He is the Owner of Majesty and Honor (Dhul Jalal E Wal Ikram).All honor is from Him, so when He honors someone, we honor them as well.

First Day For A New Muslim- Worship Easy

For any new (revert) Muslim, the entire ordeal just seems too much. It feels like everything needs to change, from your work to lifestyle to food and what not. And on top of that with the constant policing of those around you, telling you to do it all at once is just too much. So much so that you might even start doubting everything. Is it all even worth it?

That is where Allah comes to play. His messenger, Prophet Muhammad comes to play, may peace be upon him.When Allah revealed the Quran, He did not reveal it all at once. He revealed it over 23 years. Because in His infinite wisdom Allah knows human beings take time to adjust to new changes.

Unquestionably, it is We who have sent down to you, the Quran in installments.(Quran 75:23)

Once a man came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and expressed his interest in embracing Islam. However, he was not ready to pray five times a day; he could do only two. The Prophet (peace be upon him) agreed to that. The man accepted Islam and left. Afterwards the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked him why did he allow the man less than required number of times to pray? Because a Muslim must pray five times a day. Prophet (peace be upon him) answered ‘Once he tastes the sweetness of salah (prayer), he will start praying all five just like that’ .

People around you might try to make you a scholar of the Quran overnight, or fit you into a longest hijab or beards, for which you might not be ready yet. You need to know that Allah does not expect you to turn your life around overnight. If it takes you one week to memorize one verse, or even less, that is okay with Allah. Allah is not interested in your quantity, He is only interested in your quality.


Allah has named Himself Al Shakur. He appreciates every bit of your struggle. So don’t beat yourself up of you can’t focus, or do any better than what you are doing.You are doing the best that you know how to, with what you have. You would do more, if you could.And no one knows that better than Him.

Worshipping Allah is not only confined within rituals like prayers and fasting. Every good deed that you do, from smiling at someone to removing a trash from the street, saying a good word, maintaining truth and honesty,helping a person in need, feeding the poor,all are worship. Basically being a good person is worship. Asking Allah for help (dua) is the greatest act of worship. Even though others are fluent in their prayers and yours seem a far cry, its okay. Your sigh from exhaustion is a worship of Allah. When you wish to fast but your body gives away, that mere wish is also a worship of Allah. That is the beauty of Islam. Everything is worship when done being mindful of Allah and His Pleasure.

Say, “Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah , Lord of the worlds”. (Quran- 6:62)