My Tummy Hurts

This really crazy stomachache has been bothering me since yesterday lunch. I had something spicy and even though I followed that up with a bunch of anti acids and painkillers to subdue the pain, it was fruitless.

At 1 in the morning I woke up from this violent onset of pain. It was hurting too much. At this point I really did not feel like taking any more of those crap called painkillers. So I made dua.

Obviously, the devil being the nosy one as it is immediately woke up from its slumbre, and started ranting- “How will dua cure you pain, it wont be as effective like pain killer ” and so on…

Because I was really tired from the entire day’s pain and also sleep deprived, I paid absolutely zero heed to all those whispers. I scolded it saying that I asked Allah and He will remove the pain. Period. No further discussion. And then I went back to bed KNOWING (Yes! My certainty was too much at this point that I knew Allah would answer, alhamdulillah) that I am off for a good night’s sleep.

And indeed I had. And that too right away, immediately. I went to bed and passed out in less than 5 minutes. All praise is to the One who put me to sleep.

Certainty is the key. Often times we spend so much energy into analysing the quality of our prayers and our confidence in them, that we miss out on having the right attitude in the first place.


A Powerful Moment

One of the most powerful moments in one’s life is when you see your prayers manifest right in front of your eyes- left and right. All those times you pleaded desperately, your pleas didnt fall in deaf ears. Every sigh of worry and every one of those stiffling sobs were most definitely heard by the One whose hearing does not fail anything. Seeing things unravel in a way you never ever anticipated, makes you realise something:

Sometimes, even for some extremely ordinary people, extraordinary blessings come down. Not because they are special, but because The One who sends them down is.

It has happened to me, and is still happening.


Serendipity :Look Deeper

Miracles are happening within us, with us, to us and for us all the time. They might not always be dramatic like parting of the sea to make way for an escape, or water gushing out from a barren desert. But just like the One who sends them,  they are subtle and gentle in the way they take place, yet very much dominant and overpowering. As seemingly unreal the nuances might seem, they are happening very much in reality, in the realmost possible form.As ordinarily mundane and unnoticed they might appear,in reality they are nothing short of a perfectly orchestrated chain of events, progressively writing a history, leaving behind a legacy.

Yes, the miracles are happening all the time. They are happening right now- within you, with you, to you and for you.

Look deeper.

Of Serendipity And Expectations

Expect, and then expect a bit more, and then keep on expecting. Those moments that you spend on expecting won’t manifest right away. So you would want to despair. But don’t.

Because one of those days when you are somehow very busy and don’t get time to expect it, it will happen. The miracle will unfold.

The tempest will stop, the clouds will be gone, the sun will come out and  birds will sing again, as you silently join them in praising your Creator- The One who created this majestic story for you, planned to the minutest detail and subtly executed in a manner which is beyond any mortal comprehension.

It will happen, one of those days, when you are least aware of it. So just expect it. Expect like nobody’s business.

Then expect a bit more, and then keep on expecting.

That’s the beauty of serendipity.

A Miniscule Of Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Allah swears (even though He never fails His promise), because in times of hardship, sometimes it becomes difficult to actually believe anything could be better. Allah swears to convince us that He can still increase us in His bounty. If we can trust His promise, then that will give us hope. And that hope will rekindle the flame of gratitude.

Also, He asks for a miniscule of gratitude because when times are tough, its not always possible to look at the blessings as abundantly as they have been showered upon us. So if we try even a little bit, that is enough for Allah to increase us.

It happened to me, and is still happening.

Look Closer

Next time you cry out alone in the depths of the night looking for signs, look closer.


Your life, your story, your signs. You will recognize them, not anyone else.

When you aspire for greatness, hold onto your signs, albeit the rest of the world sees it otherwise.
Allah did not say they will recognize your signs. He said you will.
Because the signs are His secret form of communication with you, only you, especially you, particularly you.

Your Lord is not unaware of your state.