Expedited Shipping :Quickly, Not Delayed


Allah is Al-Muqaddim (The Expeditor).


He speeds up matters and accelerates their pace. So not everything has to be delayed. Allah not only can, but in fact, does speed up matters that are usually delayed otherwise. Remember the time when you got something so “surprisingly” quickly and easily even though “usually” it takes so long? Perhaps a visa, a job, marriage or something else?

Yup. The “Surprising” part is what Al Muqaddim is there for.

The messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) once prayed for rain, and said”…quickly,and not delayed…”(Ibn Majah)

So you can ask Allah to answer your prayer quickly,contrary to the popular misconception that arises from another hadith that says your dua will be answered as long as you are not hasty (that is, if you are hasty it will not be answered).This happens if one makes dua and seeing it unanswered,s/he stops asking.

The prohibition is from the hastiness that causes one to leave dua altogether getting disappointed. Otherwise, it is actually a sunnah to ask for a quick response from Allah.

Reference: https://www.kalamullah.com/Books/Dua%20The%20Weapon%20Of%20The%20Believer.pdf  (pg 63)





Easy, Not Hard, Please!

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Make things easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for them…”(Bukhari).

Once a non muslim came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and said that he was willing to embrace Islam but he could only pray twice a day, instead of five. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) agreed and the man took shahadah. Once he was gone, his companions asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) why he allowed him so. He (peace be upon him) said once the man would enjoy the sweetness of prayer, he himself would willingly pray all five.

Often while trying to help people to come closer to Islam, especially new muslims or those who are trying to just take step through the door, we overwhelm them by introducing a bunch of instructions they might not be ready to undertake at that point of time. Our job is to help them do what they can and make things easy. As far as ensuring their guidance is concerned, Allah already made it clear that He provides guidance. He is Al-Hadi (The One Who Guides). 

We just need to be companions. Often times we make Islam harder than it actually is, and portray Allah to be more strict than He really is.


Choose To Believe…Dare Yourself

The way we think have tremendous power over us- sometimes more than we realize. The most dangerous form of paralysis is that of the mind, of the thoughts, of expectations. More often than not, we feed off off our thoughts, and if they are self-critical or despairing, let them prey on us, albeit subconsciously.  Consequently, our own preconceived notions turn out to be real, as psychologists use the  term “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Every odd that you can think of, actually start happening.

Self fulfilling prophecy is true, and Islam does vouch for its truth. Because Messenger of Allah (pbuh) quotes Allah saying :

I am as my servant assumes I am. So s/he can think of me how s/he wishes.

Goes without saying, our hidden fears  coming to be real is nothing but manifestation of our poor expectations of the love and generosity of Allah.

Thoughts will always overpower us, and render us helpless. This is the reality and has always been so,  since the beginning of mankind. We can’t hush the voices inside our head. But we can definitely dare to dream big and silence them with actions towards pursuing those dreams. Because our strength comes from having a guarantee from Allah that He will help us, an absolute, unwavering, unfaltering trust in Him that He is on our side.

So don’t stop thinking. But change them. Dream big, think good, expect better, because you have a Creator who loves you more than a mother loves her child.


Grief And Judgement

(Written By: Maryam Amir)

People tell you that your belief is weak if you keep crying. That if you prayed more, if you read Quran more, if you were a better believer, you wouldn’t be sad and wouldn’t have these problems. That you should get over it.
Here’s something you can share with them:
Prophet Jacob (p) cried so much at the loss of his son Joseph. He wasn’t sad for a day. Or a month. Or a year. He was distraught for decades. His tears flowed so intensely that his eyesight was depleted. And despite his tears, despite his very human sadness, he was amongst the best of believers God placed on earth. His tears did not mean his belief in God was weak or his trust in Him wavered.
And the Prophet Muhammad (p) had the Quran revealed directly to him. He prayed the longest, with the most intense concentration and with the strongest relationship with God ever possible. And yet he still missed Khadija 10 years after her death.
He didn’t “get over her.” He moved forward with life, but he missed her intensely. And it’s okay that it hurts.
He cried at his mother’s grave decades after her passing. It didn’t diminish the strength of his belief. He wept as he held his dying son, and it didn’t decrease his trust in God’s wisdom.
His having a strong relationship with God didn’t mean his life didn’t have issues and heartaches. If the most spiritually connected person- who knew the most Quran and did the most worship- could suffer from such intense emotional loss and pain- then what about us?!
Salah and the Quran are a lifevest to keep us afloat when we’re drowning. It doesn’t mean we won’t be thrust in an ocean. It doesn’t mean we won’t sometimes feel like we can’t breathe and like we’re being dragged under. But even when facing the highest wave, even if at times we’re swallowing water and gasping for air, it’s knowing we have Someone Who will bring us back and keep us afloat and help us get back to the safety of the land again.
Go to therapy (SO important). Seek social support. Invest in self-care. And don’t let anyone take your safe space- your intimate relationship with God- away from you.
He is the One to Whom we can be vulnerable. Where we can shatter. Where we can show every insecurity and know that we are still worthy.
And when people say, “Hasn’t it been long enough?” Let them know: For the Prophets, sometimes it was longer. And yet the Prophets- may God send His peace upon them- have shown us that with God, we can.

Duas That Have Worked For Me (I)

I have been saying this dua when stressed with work. Alhamdulillah it works.

Somehow the work becomes easy.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said to recite this dua if one’s affairs become difficult.

Dua Hunt!!!

We ask others to make dua for us. Imagine if you could ask the angels do make dua for you.The angels who actually tour the heavens and the earth all the time, the angels who actually talk to Allah about you- imagine if you could have their petition!

Make a good dua for someone today, or find someone who needs your dua. Even a random passerby on the street will do. You don’t even need to tell them that you are making dua for them. Keep it a secret between you and Allah. Pray to Allah for them sincerely. And enjoy the angels asking the same for you.

When Allah Remembered Me

I was about to forget my bag on my way back yesterday. It had some extremely important papers. Let’s just say if the bag was lost, I would be in terribly hot water. Thankfully, this lady noticed and she reminded . I thanked her and picked up my bag.

As I was walking and thanked Allah(the lady was just a means, for it was Allah watching after my stuffs), I suddenly recollect:

Remember Me, I will remember you (2:152).

Allah did not forget my bag, even though I did.