Serendipities In The Making

Because Allah says He is as you expect Him to be.

So expect Him to be doing things in your favor, even though the reality says otherwise. Once all of this is over, there is a whole world of Unseen out there waiting for you in the future, a world of Serendipities and Felicities, like a Midsummer Night’s Dream. For now, you don’t have to embrace this moment,just accept it. Because this moment, right now, is Something Borrowed.

Allow yourself to be crippled by your dreams and expectations of their happening. Because every sincere prayer is a serendipity in the making.


Of Wisdom and Knowledge

People with the least knowledge often turn out to be the wisest. Plenty of people have lives full of examples and remarkable stories, but devoid of any wisdom. The greatest treasure you can steal from any circumstance is wisdom. You will meet a lot of people who are very knowledgeable but will still feel like you are not getting the exact help from them that will “click” with you. That “click” is basically wisdom; you are looking for wisdom my friend. And off the record, wisdom does not really have much to do with age.

“…whoever had been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding”(Quran 2:269).

Positive People Have Negative Thoughts Too

Even positive people often doubt and despair. You don’t need to rip yourself off of everything that makes you human just so you can be positive, grateful or optimistic. We all come in a package of strengths and weaknesses, and in the journey of self development it is of crucial importance that you embrace (only acceptance is not enough)yourself with them all. Anxiety and worry does not make us less optimistic. If any it only makes us human.

So yes, positive people have negative thoughts too.They just dont let those thoughts dictate their actions. They know better to realise that they might not have control on the thoughts but most definitely they can silence them with actions.

Only when you truly start living by this verse do you realise how true it is. It has the power to reshape your entire existance and get you out of whatever it is that is paralysing you. Sure it wont happen overnight but as I always say, one of those days when you aren’t paying attention it will.

More Serendipities Happen

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have realised that feeling grateful in heart vs journaling them in my gratitude journal (you can do a voicenote too if you do not like writing)- the latter has more profound effect. Allah seems to appreciate it more when I write it.

Perhaps because writing is a little more effort than brain journaling. A little more time, a little more thinking. Often times we ponder more when we try to express ourselves than we do in a typical self reflection session with our own selves. We spend more time with our gifts when we try to express their significance in our lives and Allah likes it. Writing helps me think of the strings Allah pulled to bring me where I am (alhamdulillah) and dares me to believe and expect from Him. Sometimes it is as if all Allah was waiting was for me to put that thing in the journal so He could increase me from it. All Glory Is To Him!

So yes, gratitude always increases us. But when you put effort to improve the quality of gratitude, more serendipities happen.

Serendipity And My Gratitude Journal

So after skipping my gratitude journal for the past three days, this morning I resumed. If one Quranic verse (among others) that I have been living and experiencing in the past few weeks is that gratitude increases you. Plus I had two dreams last night which needed documentations too ( yes I try to keep a track of my dreams too). So all in all I finished my journalling this morning only.

The reason I stopped journaling the past few days was I was feeling little low and demotivated. I could feel myself sink into a spiritual swamp as I call it, where I wasnt feeling the “push”- the motivation to pray or make dua. I was wanting something that wasnt happening (its not a big thing but again big is subjective!) and that was causing me mental distress for last few days. Lets call this AA.

Anyway one of the things I wrote this morning as a token of  gratitude was for something related to AA which already happened before. Lets call as A. So because I already have A and wishing to move higher to AA which was not happening, I was worried.

Just as I documented gratitude for A this morning, AA happened tonight. Alhamdulillah. I wasnt really feeling rue gratitude rush while writing about A, because I was too worried for AA, but still I wrote that down in the journal. And as a result Allah gave me AA from His Generosity.

He knows its not alwats easy to have the heart racing gratitude. So even the bit that you do, Al Shakur appreciates it.

I wrote this in another post but I want to say it again:

Always be in a state of expectation. It does not mean that the odds will turn in your favor overnight, but one of those days when you aren’t paying attention, they will. Because the One who is gently orchestrating the nuances loves to surprise you.

So yes, serendipity happens.


Sometimes… someone crosses your mind. It may be someone you have not thought of in a while. It may be someone you are not in touch with anymore.
And their memory may bring a smile to your face or sadness to your heart – or both. And sometimes, that thought is not a coincidence, nor is the feeling.
Sometimes, that is God reminding you to pray for them. One of the best things you can do for someone is to pray for them in their absence – you invite the Angels to pray for them and you too. And when God reminds you to pray for someone, it is said that it is because He wants to answer your prayer.
Whatever distance there is between you – whether it is oceans and continents, the ground beneath your feet, or merely words – is immediately shortened by your prayer.
How beautiful would it be for God to answer your prayers, and shower His blessings upon that person who crossed your heart?
How beautiful would it be that God lifts someone’s calamities because He answered your prayers for them?
And how beautiful would it be for you to see that person in Paradise and, with that meeting, realize that both of your acceptances into Paradise were partly due to a prayer the other person made?
As one of the scholars said, 
“Pray for whoever crosses your mind. Honor the guests of your heart”

-Written By Jinan Y

Serendipity In The Snow

When i cried out calling Him in the snow (for those of you who do not know, dua made during snow/rain is answered always, by Allah’s permission), desperately, helplessly, with a heart full of turmoil, agony and bruises, little did I know He was sending me a miniscule serendipity bundled in the grandeur of snow.

He is Al Lateef, The Subtle One. The One who runs this show called Serendipity.

If you think you haven’t had some in your life, look closer.

It was snowing when I asked.

It was snowing when I was given.

And it is snowing now as I am writing this.

That Is Serendipity. Allah planned this from the very beginning.

(I still have a long way to go. But Allah promises if you are grateful for the blessings HE is giving you, He will keep on increasing you repeatedly. So yes, I am celebrating the ones He is answering.If you want your prayers manifested, find serendipities in the ones He is giving you already, albeit they might be unrelated.)

As it is snowing, I pray that everyone who reads this have the best of both the worlds. Please keep me in your prayers. May my Lord increase you in everything you need and want.