Icecreme Or Not, Then What?

There will be times when grief and worry will keep you awake nights after nights, you will lose apetite or become a stress eater, you will spend the night alone praying and worshipping, just because noone else is of much help anyway. Basically you will hold onto the little or no flickr of faith, to the best of your ability.

But there will also be times when the sheer joy and excitement from the much awaited relief will affect you the same way. Your body will refuse to sleep because it is giddy with excitement, you will either be hungry in the middle of night and finish up that entire tub of icecreme, or you will keep fighting the tummy because suddenly you want to be in shape.

Then begins the choice. Will you still choose to share your emotions (joy this time as opposed to hurt before) talking to the One who was there with you when noone else was of any use? Will you choose to share with Him how happy you are, how excited you feel? Will you spend the exact same number of hours thanking Him as you spent asking from Him? 

What will you do on your good days?

Lastly, what will you do to ensure you dont have to go through hardship to worship Him again? Have you thought about it as much as you want to get out of your roadblock? Because He can change the game in your favor any moment. But should He do, what will you do differently?

I ask that to myself first.



Birds of the same feather flock together. Its no news that people who believe in similar things will naturally gravitate towards each other. That means you need to break free from the shackles of those who don’t know or can’t do any better. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, whoever it is that you want to become- as long as you will allow someone else to decide your potential or draw your roadmap, you are giving them the power to “assume” they are living your life.

Lets face it. Someone else cant tell you what your limits to achievement are when your Creator never did so. Human heart is one tender object. Be gentle with it.

The Good And The Dust

Have you ever had that moment when you stumble upon something- a quote, a verse, a status, which hits you like a thunderbolt? You know right there right then that is aimed for you? Have you ever considered that it really is NOT a coincidence? That it is meant to be read by you at that point at that specific time? If you do, have you thought about Who is doing it? And Why?

Question is, will you accept them? Or you will make futile efforts to deny them? How far will denial actually take you? 

Ooh and by the way, more often that not, signs are usually contrary to the current reality in front of you. Thats where faith comes to play.

Faith is to believe in what you cant see. It results in seeing what you believe.

(You can try this exercise in a hindsight too. Think of an incident from the past and connect the signs to see how they were always pointing to the direction where it is today.)

Believe in signs my friends. It will change the meaning of life for you.

Take the good that you get, and leave the rest to collect dust.

Aota Of Extraordinary

​Sometimes, even for some extremely ordinary people, extraordinary blessings come down. Not because they are special, but because The One who sends them down is. Most definitely,to an average eye they look nothing but insignificantly ordinary,probably due the subtlety with which they occur. But undoubtedly they have the power to forever change the way you think, you believe, and you act. Eventually they forever change you and the world you create. They define who you become, the legacy you create and the footprints you leave behind as you walk forward to discover more of such blessings. The journey you began as a loner, unable to relate to the rest of the world, eventually metamorphosizes into one of companionship. Slowly you begin to change the lives of others, making the world a little more livable.

It all starts from that one aota of extraordinary.

“…but most of them do not know” (Quran 10:55)

A Grace Extraordinary: Ar Razzaq (The Provider)

Allah sustains us by means  in ways we sometimes fail to understand.

Commonly misunderstood, rizq (provision/sustenance) does not only include jobs or wealth. Our families, friends, health etc are our provision.
I would argue that the love and support, hope and faith, that we receive during hardship are provisions too. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said about his wife Khadija RA that “ruziqtu hubaha”, i.e “I was sustained through her love”. It was her love that Allah chose to sustain the Prophet (peace be upon him) when they both underwent the transition into his prophethood.

Its a different blessing when love becomes a provision. Together or apart, you learnt to love through dua. Every prayer, every act of worship you perform, you have a hidden wish that perhaps this will be another addition to the witness of your love, another testimony to its truth. You reach a point where you love only through your worship, through your prayers, through your duas. It becomes such that loving the person becomes worshipping Allah. The joy you get out of those prayers becomes your sustenance. That nourishes you, cherishes you, keeps you alive, keeps you going.

It does not end here though. Prophet Yaqoob(Jacob) was sustained in his grief with his hope and profound faith in God, when reality and people failed him left and right.

More often that not, our provisions are found in the earth. They are found in wealth and prosperity (which is very important. There is no belittling of any of that).But sometimes though, even for some extremely ordinary people, extraordinary provisions come down, that is not from this world. Not because they are special, but because The One who sends them down is. You might not even be aware of it, but its there. It comes especially from the heavens, from right under The Throne. From Ar Razzaq-The Provider.

And if you were to count God’s favors, you would not be able to number them (Nahl :18)

Gratitude Away- A Gorgeously Serendipituous Moment

Do a practice exercise everyday. Make tiny duas and have certainty that Allah will give you. And then when He does, write them down in your gratitude journal. Do so everyday.

Because one of the days when you are journaling about the things you are grateful about for that day, He will shower you with serendipities right in the middle of it, so much so that you will have to take a break from journalling just to come to terms with the beautiful timing. He will increase you while you are gratitude journaling, not before, not after. Thats how much He loves your gratitude. He can’t wait for you to finish your entries so He gives you while you are writing. And that moment, my friend is a gorgeous serendipity in and of itself. 

So go ahead and gratitude away. 

Serendipities In The Making

Because Allah says He is as you expect Him to be.

So expect Him to be doing things in your favor, even though the reality says otherwise. Once all of this is over, there is a whole world of Unseen out there waiting for you in the future, a world of Serendipities and Felicities, like a Midsummer Night’s Dream. For now, you don’t have to embrace this moment,just accept it. Because this moment, right now, is Something Borrowed.

Allow yourself to be crippled by your dreams and expectations of their happening. Because every sincere prayer is a serendipity in the making.