Day 9: Ramadan DUA+Stories=DUAries-What To Expect When You Are Expecting

I had to write this while the experience is still fresh. 

At exactly 2minutes prior to the time when Asr adhan (call for prayer) was going, my friend texted me to make dua for her. She is expecting alhamdulillah and was suffering from severe constipation for past three days. Its been keeping her up all night.

I saw the message two minutes later, aka when the adhan was playing. Right away I made a simple dua to Allah to send a remedy for her, because she said she had tried everything. Because Allah knows the solution and treatment to every problem, He can send it to her. ( For those of you who might not know, the prayer during adhan and also about someone in their absence is always accepted, by the will of Allah).

18minutes later, she texted me that after asking me to make dua for her, she felt the need to go to washroom. After three days she was able to get rid of her constipation, without any blood or pain. SubhanAllah.

I didnt ask Allah to take away the constipation. Because my “logic” said that my friend needs a remedy. I totally forgot that Allah can actually take away the entire problem without going through the process of cure or remedy or treatment.

Earlier today, I was evaluating myself. I was thinking if the duas I make are good enough, if they actually have the level of sincerity that is needed. Even though this friend of mine kept telling me that Allah listens to duas I make for her, for some reason my self doubt was far from believing it. 


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