Day II: Ramadan DUAries (Dua+ Stories= Duaries)

So I ordered this charger for my phone on Amazon. I wasnt sure if its worth the money even though the reviews were phenomenal so just to calm myself down I made the istikhara dua once before i confirmed the payment. The shipment arrived and it was exactly what they advertised. As I tried plugging into my phone it turned that the advertisement was incorrect and its really not compatible with my version of the phone. I remember I made that istighfar dua really sincerely from my heart, so it just didnt add up or make sense to me. The charger is supposed to work as per my dua, so I was confused.
I wrote to the seller and explained the situation. They were extremely nice and apologized. I wrote a pretty bitter review because I was upset and they offered me full refund and no return. I calmed down, that atleast I didnt lose money. So Alhamdulillah for that. But that meant I had to reorder another headphone and the none of the other sellers had reliable delivery. So bottom line I needed a headphone which is compatible with my phone and no good seller was available.

Remind you that they let me keep the “incompatible” headphone with full refund. So being technologically chanllenged, it took me a while to realise I could use an adapter. So my friend told me about a place where I can get it because adapters in amazon had poor review. When I ordered the adapter from the place I was recommended, guess what? I paid HALF the price as i paid for the charger.

Charger costed $20 which they returned. So I basically paid nothing

Adapter costed $10.

For $10 bucks I got BOTH ADAPTER AND HEADPHONE,whereas I was expecting that it would cost me so much more.

So yeah, the istikhara did add up and work out alhamdulillah.

And yes, I deleted the review from Amazon lol.


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