Lazy Folk’s Ramadan (2)

Have you made a list of what you will ask for in the last 10 nights of Ramadan? Allah will write your destiny and you actually have a say in what will be written, afterall nothing can change destiny except dua. So if you havent made a list you dont want wait till Ramadan to make it, when you are juggling between so many things and conserving your energy.

But thats not only why I am writing this post.

Are you planning on making dua for others too in the last ten nights? Don’t be selfish take some time out for others too. Here is why:
1) Your dua in their absence is guaranteed to be accepted 

2) The angels will make the same dua for you as you will make for someone else. Whose dua do you think has better chances of being accepted? So if you want something for yourself, ask that thing for someone else. Let the angels ask for you

3) If you help someone Allah will help you so just imagine through your dua you can help someone

Tip: Please make sure your dua for the person is heartfelt. Make dua as if you are making for youself. Allah is watching your sincerity. The most honorable thing to Allah is dua so dont be like the people who just make dua for someone for the sake of it. Take some time and concentration,care and use nice words. 

Allah is Al Jameel The Beautiful One. He is Beautiful and loves beauty so use beautiful words to decorate your duas. Use a dictionary if you need. You would use it if you were applying for a job, wouldnt you? Then why not now?


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