Icecreme Or Not, Then What?

There will be times when grief and worry will keep you awake nights after nights, you will lose apetite or become a stress eater, you will spend the night alone praying and worshipping, just because noone else is of much help anyway. Basically you will hold onto the little or no flickr of faith, to the best of your ability.

But there will also be times when the sheer joy and excitement from the much awaited relief will affect you the same way. Your body will refuse to sleep because it is giddy with excitement, you will either be hungry in the middle of night and finish up that entire tub of icecreme, or you will keep fighting the tummy because suddenly you want to be in shape.

Then begins the choice. Will you still choose to share your emotions (joy this time as opposed to hurt before) talking to the One who was there with you when noone else was of any use? Will you choose to share with Him how happy you are, how excited you feel? Will you spend the exact same number of hours thanking Him as you spent asking from Him? 

What will you do on your good days?

Lastly, what will you do to ensure you dont have to go through hardship to worship Him again? Have you thought about it as much as you want to get out of your roadblock? Because He can change the game in your favor any moment. But should He do, what will you do differently?

I ask that to myself first.


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