The Good And The Dust

Have you ever had that moment when you stumble upon something- a quote, a verse, a status, which hits you like a thunderbolt? You know right there right then that is aimed for you? Have you ever considered that it really is NOT a coincidence? That it is meant to be read by you at that point at that specific time? If you do, have you thought about Who is doing it? And Why?

Question is, will you accept them? Or you will make futile efforts to deny them? How far will denial actually take you? 

Ooh and by the way, more often that not, signs are usually contrary to the current reality in front of you. Thats where faith comes to play.

Faith is to believe in what you cant see. It results in seeing what you believe.

(You can try this exercise in a hindsight too. Think of an incident from the past and connect the signs to see how they were always pointing to the direction where it is today.)

Believe in signs my friends. It will change the meaning of life for you.

Take the good that you get, and leave the rest to collect dust.


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