Aota Of Extraordinary

​Sometimes, even for some extremely ordinary people, extraordinary blessings come down. Not because they are special, but because The One who sends them down is. Most definitely,to an average eye they look nothing but insignificantly ordinary,probably due the subtlety with which they occur. But undoubtedly they have the power to forever change the way you think, you believe, and you act. Eventually they forever change you and the world you create. They define who you become, the legacy you create and the footprints you leave behind as you walk forward to discover more of such blessings. The journey you began as a loner, unable to relate to the rest of the world, eventually metamorphosizes into one of companionship. Slowly you begin to change the lives of others, making the world a little more livable.

It all starts from that one aota of extraordinary.

“…but most of them do not know” (Quran 10:55)


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