Serendipity And My Gratitude Journal

So after skipping my gratitude journal for the past three days, this morning I resumed. If one Quranic verse (among others) that I have been living and experiencing in the past few weeks is that gratitude increases you. Plus I had two dreams last night which needed documentations too ( yes I try to keep a track of my dreams too). So all in all I finished my journalling this morning only.

The reason I stopped journaling the past few days was I was feeling little low and demotivated. I could feel myself sink into a spiritual swamp as I call it, where I wasnt feeling the “push”- the motivation to pray or make dua. I was wanting something that wasnt happening (its not a big thing but again big is subjective!) and that was causing me mental distress for last few days. Lets call this AA.

Anyway one of the things I wrote this morning as a token of ย gratitude was for something related to AA which already happened before. Lets call as A. So because I already have A and wishing to move higher to AA which was not happening, I was worried.

Just as I documented gratitude for A this morning, AA happened tonight. Alhamdulillah. I wasnt really feeling rue gratitude rush while writing about A, because I was too worried for AA, but still I wrote that down in the journal. And as a result Allah gave me AA from His Generosity.

He knows its not alwats easy to have the heart racing gratitude. So even the bit that you do, Al Shakur appreciates it.

I wrote this in another post but I want to say it again:

Always be in a state of expectation. It does not mean that the odds will turn in your favor overnight, but one of those days when you aren’t paying attention, they will. Because the One who is gently orchestrating the nuances loves to surprise you.

So yes, serendipity happens.


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