More Serendipities Happen

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have realised that feeling grateful in heart vs journaling them in my gratitude journal (you can do a voicenote too if you do not like writing)- the latter has more profound effect. Allah seems to appreciate it more when I write it.

Perhaps because writing is a little more effort than brain journaling. A little more time, a little more thinking. Often times we ponder more when we try to express ourselves than we do in a typical self reflection session with our own selves. We spend more time with our gifts when we try to express their significance in our lives and Allah likes it. Writing helps me think of the strings Allah pulled to bring me where I am (alhamdulillah) and dares me to believe and expect from Him. Sometimes it is as if all Allah was waiting was for me to put that thing in the journal so He could increase me from it. All Glory Is To Him!

So yes, gratitude always increases us. But when you put effort to improve the quality of gratitude, more serendipities happen.


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