Of Serendipity And Expectations

Expect, and then expect a bit more, and then keep on expecting. Those moments that you spend on expecting won’t manifest right away. So you would want to despair. But don’t.

Because one of those days when you are somehow very busy and don’t get time to expect it, it will happen. The miracle will unfold.

The tempest will stop, the clouds will be gone, the sun will come out and  birds will sing again, as you silently join them in praising your Creator- The One who created this majestic story for you, planned to the minutest detail and subtly executed in a manner which is beyond any mortal comprehension.

It will happen, one of those days, when you are least aware of it. So just expect it. Expect like nobody’s business.

Then expect a bit more, and then keep on expecting.

That’s the beauty of serendipity.


One thought on “Of Serendipity And Expectations”

  1. Oh Allah let this writer excel in his/her writing n amusing ppl like me 😊 with the feeling of being wrapped in your mercy ….increase her/his knowledge & awareness of yourself, n grant me the power of “al qalam” which you swore by in your kalaam coz these writings inspire me a lot n i want to use “the pen” which is given such an honour by you.

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