Choose To Believe…Dare Yourself

The way we think have tremendous power over us- sometimes more than we realize. The most dangerous form of paralysis is that of the mind, of the thoughts, of expectations. More often than not, we feed off off our thoughts, and if they are self-critical or despairing, let them prey on us, albeit subconsciously.  Consequently, our own preconceived notions turn out to be real, as psychologists use the  term “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Every odd that you can think of, actually start happening.

Self fulfilling prophecy is true, and Islam does vouch for its truth. Because Messenger of Allah (pbuh) quotes Allah saying :

I am as my servant assumes I am. So s/he can think of me how s/he wishes.

Goes without saying, our hidden fears  coming to be real is nothing but manifestation of our poor expectations of the love and generosity of Allah.

Thoughts will always overpower us, and render us helpless. This is the reality and has always been so,  since the beginning of mankind. We can’t hush the voices inside our head. But we can definitely dare to dream big and silence them with actions towards pursuing those dreams. Because our strength comes from having a guarantee from Allah that He will help us, an absolute, unwavering, unfaltering trust in Him that He is on our side.

So don’t stop thinking. But change them. Dream big, think good, expect better, because you have a Creator who loves you more than a mother loves her child.



4 thoughts on “Choose To Believe…Dare Yourself”

      1. You don’t give yourself enough credit! Ameen, jazakAllah their for your lovely dual! You’re too sweet, may Allah bless you and grant you success and barakah in this life and the next!

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