Blessed Success


Every success is a combination of your effort and Allah’s blessing, and part of that effort is to take out time from everyday life, in every prayer, and make dua for. To wake up in Tahajjud in the middle of the night if possible and make dua.Not one liners, but to really pour out and “discuss” with Allah things that you want-things that are standing in the way, and ask for His help.

Discuss with Allah as your Mentor, Guide, Teacher-not only ask help but also what you want to do when you achieve it, inshaAllah. What is your next goal, how are you looking to benefit from it, etc. If things look bleak and gloomy, complain to Him, vent to Him.

You will see the shackles in your thoughts unwinding, you are realizing the enormous possibilities in front of you, now that Al Qadeer( The All Able) is with you. After every “session” with Him, you will see the fogs and clouds in your brain clearing up. As those muffled whispers and bottled emotions make their way up in the heavens, clarity, vision and direction will come down.



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