Personal God


Who are you worshiping? Who are you praying to? Who are you making dua to? Are you praying to Allah because He is the deity  you are supposed to worship, or you actually feel and have experienced Him to be your Lord? Do you feel personally for Allah? Do you feel He personally loves you, takes care of you? Are you able to feel that He has personally written your story with utmost care and precision? That He has taken your responsibility upon Himself, for no one reason but that He loves YOU?

If you think of Allah from a general point of view, you will most likely perceive Him as the One who loves everyone, and HENCE loves you. But if you think of Him as someone more personal, more intimate,  you will feel that He loves YOU regardless, that He wants YOU, He chose YOU. He is watching over YOU, planning in YOUR favor. He is calming YOU down, soothing YOU,healing YOU, putting YOU to sleep.


When you can do so, then you will learn and understand Allah through your journey, as your personal Lord. Then you will know how close He is to you. You will be surprised to find His Invisible Hand guiding every matter for you. Doors will open from left and right and above and below. You will be left at awe and mesmerized at how He orchestrates things ONLY FOR YOU.And finally you will understand what it means when they say there is no one between you and Allah.

He will help you without any means, any medium or even any person. He will make you independent. Doors will open and you won’t need anybody to walk through those doors.

True we can not see Allah. But we certainly can and must feel Him, experience Him. Afterall how can we have a relationship if we have no feelings? So look inside of you, scrutinize your story, muse upon your journey, and marvel at the way things played out, courtesy to The Invisible Divine Hand.



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