Unseen, Faith and Destiny- People Of Taqwa

The Quran begins with Allah describing the people of Taqwa as

“Those who believe in the Unseen” (2:3).

Therefore our entrance into the faith calls for believing in the Unseen, even before prayers and other acts of worship.

Unseen not only refers to Allah, angels and the hereafter, unseen also refers to future, and what we commonly call as destiny. Believing that things will work out.Believing in unseen calls for relying on Him and expecting good from Him. Believing that even though we don’t yet see the fruits of our labor, it is there in the unseen. Perhaps not all at once, but may be inch by inch, slowly but surely, inshaAllah.

So what do people of Taqwa get?

“And whosoever has taqwa of Allah, He will make a way for him to get out. And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine.” (65:2-3)

When things don’t make sense, or you see roadblocks at every turn you make, remember you can see only the “seen” world. The world of unseen is huge.  Allah with His ability to perfectly orchestrate every atomic matter will fix everything. He already said He will do so in a manner we won’t be able to anticipate, so we have to stop worrying about how He will do it. That is what people of Taqwa do.



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