After You Convert To Islam-Learning Quran and Prayer

Because Islam is such an ocean of knowledge and so is the Quran, it can be pretty intimidating to think of where to begin. So the first bit of advice I would like to give you is, as far as learning and understanding the Quran is concerned, TAKE IT VERY LITTLE AT A TIME.Do not rush or stress yourself out there that you do know everything yet, or you do not how to recite properly yet. It’s okay. Our relation with the Quran is all about QUALITY AND NOT QUANTITY. The second thing is immediately as you become Muslim you feel that pressure of praying all prayers, correctly, like all the other Muslims pray in Arabic. It is quite a long journey. Take your time to memorize the surahs. Start with the small ones. EVEN IF IT TAKES YOU MONTHS, ITS FINE.

The question might arise why do we have to pray in Arabic? Why not in any other language?- I myself am not Arab. Majority of the people in the world are not Arab. We believe the Quran is the literal words of God, His exact words. So we consider the language of Quran sacred, because it is directly From God. So the language is part of its purity.

Finally what I want to share with you is reading a little bit about the meanings of the Quran, listening to the explanations of the Quran in translation, just keeping that going a little at a time is important, not only for new muslims but actually for every muslim. Just a little at a time, it will give you the spiritual boost and open your mind to thinking.

-Transcript From Nouman Ali Khan’s Lecture



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