New Muslim Reflections: One Day

Moving on from a tragedy does not necessarily have to involve shrugging off your emotions and desensitize yourself. Emotions are what makes us human. If something traumatising has happened to you and you can’t forget it, its okay. People will tell you to stop. May be because they love you and do not want to be in a state where they can not do anything to ease your pain. But don’t worry about it. They will be alright. Focus on yourself.Take a retreat if you need. Embrace the loss,live in the memories,feel the pain. Grief in its greyish hues is beautiful too.Take all the time you need to understand yourself. Your potential. You will be surprised to see how much pain you can take. How unbelievably strong Allah made you.

Then slowly you will get accustomed to the pain. The ache will  eventually eat away lesser and lesser portion of you. Over time it will hurt less and less. Then one day you will feel joy again. You will stand in front of the mirror and gaze at the person you have grown to be. Stand in front of Allah in prayer in the middle of the night-but this time is out of overflowing gratitude and awe; as you present yourself in front of Him. As you recollect how He changed the course of events for you, took you to the world of relief and joy that you never knew existed. Gave you everything of which you had written yourself off.

Allah will teach you to love again,to experience joy again,to laugh again. One Day.


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